• Great to meet people who share the same experiences. I thought I was alone and I found out there are so many people just like me! Definitely great that this group was recommended. Been attending for three years and have found the support to be awesome. – Paul H. (Bethlehem)


  • When I came to my first DBSA meeting, I was frightened and under a great deal of stress about my wife’s illness and how it was affecting our family. I learned that I am not alone. I learned that many others had been through the same thing, and I found a network of people who gave me strength when I needed it most. Now I have the opportunity to help others as they support and care for their loved ones and find the relief that comes from sharing their stories. – Tom S. (Allentown)


  • DBSA is a great, safe, place where one can feel welcome and learn valuable listening and speaking skills. Income, race, age, gender preference, spirituality and other “differences” don’t count here. All you have to do is show up, follow a few rules about respect and privacy and be willing to care about other people with similar challenges. Each of us can help another, sometimes just by presence. – Rick C.

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