The need

  • The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that up to one in five persons in the United States may suffer from a major mood disorder during their lifetime.
  • Of all psychiatric illnesses, mood disorders are the most responsive to treatment – about seven out of eight patients can be helped.
  • DBSA-LV can play a valuable role in the recovery process.

At DBSA-LV we…

  • Hold separate discussion groups in which those with mood disorders, and their caregivers, can share their particular challenges and management strategies.
  • Provide information on these illnesses, on medications and therapies, and on coping skills.

Our support group…

  • Helps you to understand that a mood disorder does not define who you are.
  • Encourages you to follow a treatment plan.
  • Gives you opportunities to read out to others and benefit from the experience of those who have “been there.”
  • Provides a forum for mutual acceptance, understanding, and self-discovery in your search for wellness.
  • Helps you rediscover strengths you may have thought you had lost.


DBSA-LV support group fosters the recovery process and has proven to be a helpful adjunct to professional care. It isĀ not designed to replace qualified professional treatment. We are a peer support group.

Before attending this or any other peer support groups, we urge you to ask your mental health professional if you might benefit from it.